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Grief & Loss

Grief is an emotional response to a loss of something or someone very close to you. It may be known as a bereavement or mourning the loss of a loved one, relationship, job, or a pet who has died. Bereavement is a process; not always as straightforward a process as one might expect, but a common misunderstanding is that while some people experience bereavement as separate stages which may not be experienced in a predictable order, others may not have this experience at all, which is also normal. People cope with grief and loss in a very personal way.

Grief counselling becomes necessary when a person becomes overwhelmed by their bereavement and cannot function normally. Grief can also cause changes in sleep patterns, behaviour, concentration, and intense emotional reaction to any situation. Not allowing the natural flow of the grief process can complicate how we grieve and sometime later an emotional burst can happen leaving us with prolonged grief to process.


Grief Therapy involves the use of therapeutic interventions and strategies to treat prolonged or complicated reactions to bereavement and traumatic loss. We provide professional grief counselling to adults, and children who have experienced any type of loss.

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