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Meet our Psychotherapist /Counsellor & Associate Psychologist

Melinda Hollis BA ,  Psych
Psychotherapist / Counsellor - Spiritual Therapist

Melinda Hollis is a Psychotherapist / Counsellor - Spiritual Therapist with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples with their personal journey into healing, who brings an intuitive holistic compassionate approach while creating a safe space for those to heal all aspects of the mind, body, and spiritual self, while taking their own journey into self-discovery. She has many years of experience in helping people transcend  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Childhood trauma related to disconnection and abuse, cult recovery,  anxiety and depression, grief and loss, challenges with addictions, relationship struggles with self and others, setting healthy boundries,  Anger management, parenting, separation/divorce, developing healthy social skills, communication,  and life coaching,  while embracing different therapeutic strategies. She takes a passionate approach towards self healing, self transformation, while developing a healthy loving relationship with self and others. 

Dr. Paul S. Sussman  R Psych (AB)

I am no-teacher no-healer no-doctor no-therapist. I am Paul.
I have no-philosophy. I make right action my philosophy.
I have no-script. I make right speech my script.
I have no-specialization.
I make helping this person here-now my specialization.
I use no-labels. I make intuitive knowing my label
I have no-status. I make beginner’s mind my status.
If I am successful in practicing unknowing,
instead of diagnose-treat-cure
The model for my Heart-Centered TM practice becomes…
This transcends the medical model’s necessity for
diagnosing or labeling either my client or myself.


Licensed psychologist in Alberta and Georgia, clinical hypno-behavioral therapist, master breath work facilitator and leader in the somatrophic breath work community of therapists, Dr. Paul S. Sussman is a well-known Edmonton personality.

He blends the intensity of a loving, dedicated healer with a strong background in academic psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Carleton University. He has known hardship, social marginalization, and is no stranger to stigma. His life story is one of transcendence.

Contact Paul:

780- 424-5592


Loussa Counselling Centre of Edmonton, Alberta was established in 1999 as Edmonton’s first holistic counselling centre.

 We are dedicated to bring you resources and options for your personal journey towards a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Our belief is progressive, pure, and natural. We are a counselling centre that provides a warm, safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate environment where individuals are accepted and respected regardless of belief or lifestyle.

Our Mission..... to insure that all individual receive the support and care they require to be successful.

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