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More About Melinda Hollis
Psychotherapist - Counsellor

Melinda Hollis is a Psychotherapist/Counsellor who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta with extensive theoretical and practical experience. She has academically published on such topics as “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder In Children.”

Melinda takes an intuitive, open-minded holistic approach while providing direct counselling services to clients. Melinda is a caring non-judgmental therapist, who continues to embrace ongoing growth herself, so she could continue to provide clients with the most up to date and diverse holistic psychotherapy approach to support a well balanced lifestyle. Melinda is dedicated to bring you new resources and options while on your own personal quest towards a more rewarding and fulfilling life.


 Her approach is to provide clients with healthy coping and life changing strategies that address negative thoughts and patterns.

Melinda brings her unique intuitiveness and over two decades of experience to assist individuals, families, and couples through a powerful blend of  intuitive, positive and trans-personal psychology, cognitive, and behavioural therapy, and other varieties of therapeutic modalities to transcend a lifestyle filled with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, low-self-esteem, addiction, anger, parenting and other relationship issues, and more.

Melinda has spent several years studying aboriginal life from a sociological and spiritual viewpoint. She has almost two decades of experience in counselling individuals and families along with her experience in counselling aboriginals, and over 35 years experience in spiritual intuitive counselling. She is recognized for her television appearances, lectures and facilitation of workshops at schools, universities and aboriginal communities on such topics as family violence, addictions, grief, loss, the power of now, positive thinking, manifestations, connecting to source, and many other topics.

Melinda has also studied adolescent, and child psychology, and sociology on such topics as religion, cults and sects. Along with extensive studies in psychology, sociology and spirituality she has also studied structures of families, adolescent behavior and criminology. Melinda continually thrives to grow spiritually and personally so she can enrich the lives of all those she touches. She daily approaches her life with love and gratitude.

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