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Welcome to Loussa Counselling Centre

We integrate, embrace, and bridge eastern and western philosophies of mind, body and spirit for the support of emotional wellness.
Overcoming Depression


 Individuals are encouraged to see their inner capabilities by viewing themselves as the process for reaching wellness through integration of the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative being into one complete element.


Addiction can have many faces. Are you a person with a history of using alcohol, drugs or have other compulsive behaviours or addiction related to relationships, porn, sex, or love, or eating, to deal with past trauma,  hurts, depression, grief, low-self-esteem?

Grief & Loss


Grief counselling becomes necessary when a person becomes overwhelmed by their bereavement and cannot function normally.

Couples & Family Counselling

Are you a couple wishing to transform conflict and hurt into harmony and happiness? Are you struggling with ongoing hurtful communication and having difficulty expressing yourselves? Are you feeling stuck and discouraged in your intimate relationship?



We all experience anxiety. Anxiety is something we experience when we become overwhelmed with stress and worry. Some anxiety from time to time is normal and actually healthy. 

Life Coaching

“Dream and live the life you imagined” 

Underneath every desire, is our search to achieve balance,  serenity, oneness, and ultimate  happiness; to be empowered to live a life that is unique, and more meaningful, and a life in which we enjoy the journey, and live our life purpose.



You can access our mediation service offered by our in house legal team and other qualified professionals.


Our team of professionals and collaborators consist of psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, and other professionals who have the education, skills, experience, and spiritual awareness needed to help individuals gain effective ways of solving or transcending their complex situations. It is our wish that you find the right therapist, resources, and information through Loussa Counselling Centre to help you on your life quest. We offer traditional, non-traditional, and spiritual counselling for those whose lives are challenged.

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